Wednesday, May 14, 2008

BagaladumpaVankaya Koora~PotatoEggplant Curry

Podugu Vanakayalu/Eggplant(long ones) 5-6
Potato 1
Onion 1
Salt as per your taste
Turmeric 1/4 tbsp
Tamarind 2 tbsp
Red chilly powder
For Seasoning
Uradal 1tbsp
Chanadal 1tbsp
Mustard seeds 1/2tbsp
Red chillies
Curry leaves
Heat oil in a pan.Once oil gets heat,add all the seasoning stuff including onion and turmeric.Now add potato and keep a lid over the pan.stir add eggplant pieces tamarindpulp,again close the pan with lid.Once everything is done with add required quantity of salt and mix it well.
Goes well with rice or rotis

Note:For rotis add a 1/2cup of'll be like a gravy one.


Cham said...

I love eggpalant and the combo of eggp potato with the touch of tamarind should be great :) Delicious one Shree!

Uma said...

that's a lovely combo! looks delicious.

Madhavi said...

Wonderful combo, looks mouthwatering, delicious!!!!

Pravs said...

nice combo... love the look of the dish..spicy and will be yum with roti.

Medhaa said...

I love this combo but never cooked it this way. Thanks for sharing

Sangeeth said...

its a lovely combo...i luv both the vegies...

Jamie said...

This looks really great Sashree! I haven't cooked a lot with eggplant, but I love to eat it. Thanks for the recipe!

SASHREE said...

Yes,this is a lovely combo... n we can add tomato also for a better taste.
Thank you all for ur lovely comments

sireesha said...

Great combination.I love both potato and brinjal but never cooked with this combination.Thanks for sharing.