Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Birthday Bash with Eggless Plumcake~Boostup your Chargers

My "Mission accomplishing" task is almost ready n now im looking forward to the things that gonna happen within few hours. breakup the suspense,here is a birthday coming up tommorow i.e on 29 May.My friend,my soulmate,my best buddy birthday n here i came with a plumcake.

My task is to make him surprise by taking this cake to his home..'coz he knows that im not a very good cook,initially i thought of ordering cake and then i just wait for a moment n thought of making it by own.

Its almost four years completed n we have a gr8 bond more than words between us.I gonna make him a very big surprise by arranging some b'day bash of my own style. He even doesnt know that im running a blog,i first thought of telling him after i got some award...later i thought it would be more surprise for him if i tried something for him and showing him at that time.

On this lovely occassion,this it to u my dear.....Sweetheart

Todi maine sare hi bandan jamane..Tere todungi na mein vaada....
Adha hissa meri tho dil ki kahani ka tu...Piya mein baaki aadha

Meri jaisa lakho mile hongi tughko piya...Mughe tho milaa tuuu hi....
Tuhi meri hoton ki kiltie huise hasi...Kilaa bhi kiya tuu hi

I was initially not a kinda cooking girl n im a bad cook,but without my notice from few months i have been developed alott of interest towards cooking,and this make me to try not even dals n snacks but even cakes n desserts :D.Today I came up with a Eggless plum cake,n I was on cloud tastes outstandingly delicious and though im not interested in sweets..i cant stop eating..droolling me completly.

Here the title is Eggless Plumcake~Boostup your chargers 'coz here I have even added Boost also...:D
Here comes my way of making cake


1 1/2 cup-All Purpose Flour(Maida)
3 tbsp-Cocoa Powder
1 tbsp-Boost(optional)
1/4 tbsp-Salt
1 1/2 tbsp-Baking powder
1 cup-Sugar
1/2 cup-Water
1/2 cup-Milk
1/4 cup-Butter
1/4 cup-Cherries

1.Mix all the dry ingredients first..i.e..Maida,cocoa powder,boost,salt abd baking powder
2.Mix all the wet ingredients i.e...water,milk,sugar,butter.
3.Stir continously until sugar dissolves in water
4.Now combine both of them and stir continously till u notice that there r no lumps as such

5.Now atlast add Cherries or any dry fruits of ur choice.

6.Microwave it for 30-35 minutes

Note:Here I added butter to wet ingredient,i think u can add this at last also i.e after mixing all and then..

By doing my first cake,i noticed that instead of making those heavy dals,gravies,curries...what not,this is the easiest one.But can't go eith this everyday considering the high calorie count :D


Cham said...

Hey it is Boost secret energy cake! Convey my wishes too... Came out very well and yummy too :)

Suma Rajesh said...

ohh wooo its excellent coloured rich cake...i just loved it

SASHREE said...

Cham:Hey Cham...Boost is the secret of our energy.Sure i'll do that.

Suma:Thank you suma

Sailaja said...

Hi Sashree, The cake looks so delicious. One of my favorite cake is Plum cake. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will try this soon.

Asha said...

Hi S, eggless cake looks perfect. I have never made eggless cake before although I ave made quick breads which doesn't use any eggs. Plum is a wonderful touch to this cake, enjoy!
Happy birthday to him, I am sure he will love this cake!:)

sireesha said...

Hi Sashree, The eggless cake looks so delicious and yummy . Thanks for sharing the recipe. I will try this definitely.

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

WOW!... Plum cake is my fav. Urs looks so good. So dense and crumbly. Lovely rich color.

Medhaa said...

Hi Sashree,

wow what a nice way I am sure your friend is going to love it and be in for a surprise. Love the cake it has come out so well, and I like the idea of adding boost.

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hi.. This is a lovely eggless cake..I am sure he will be impressed and happy ..

SASHREE said...

Thank You all for ur wonderful comments.
Yeah he is really surprised n very much I had a wonderful day with my buddy,aunt n everyone there.

Sailaja:Plum cake is my favorite too,shuld try this

Asha:Thanks for stopping by,yeah my mom even prepares cake with egs,but i wanna try eggless n it came out really well.he loved this very much..this is his favorite one

Sireesha:Thank You siri,shuld try soon

SASHREE said...

Sukanya:Thank you for ur wondeful comments

Medhaa:Yeah he was surprised n loved this very much.Yeah some experimental things from my way there :D

Swathi:Thank you swathi...I gonna grab some cake recipies from your blog soon..n wanna try

ranji said...

wow!!plum cake looks perfect and that too eggless and so much less use of butter...loved it..
thank u so much for visiting my blog and ur comments...

Hetal said...

Thats a wonderful write up.I must say this cake looks awesome,gr8 keep it up..

Neha said...

gr8 cake, i am always looking for eggless microwave cakes...
But one doubt, 30 minutes microwave isin't too much???, i used to make back home, with cream n all, and it got baked within 10 minutes...

Andhra Flavors said...
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Andhra Flavors said...

boost tho cake aaaaa???
I like boost and maltova anything.
but I hate choc cake.
So nenu coco powder tisesi boost tho try chesta.. humm..
ohh sorry i dont have boost, i will try with milo ok.. ok.. Cheer Up.

Uma said...

wow, wow, sashreeji! Aap ki cake aur shayari laajawab hein! So meeku kavitvam kooda vacchaa! Cake chala chaaalaaa bagundi. Mee hubby ki janmadina subhakankshalu andajeyi! Too much Telugu ayyindaa? Have a great weekend dear!

Archy said...

Wow, eggless cake.. Thank you !! I keep searching eggless stuffs :) !! Looks yummy !!

sashi said...

never tell all the stories if you cannot provide the complete information like baking temperature and the type of vessel used in the microwave,just keep on telling some stories will not do any good to anyone

sashi said...

i hope you will not commit the same mistake when you publish the next recipe,be careful to provide the information so that any layman can follow the procedure and not what you feel about your hubby.