Sunday, May 25, 2008

Celebrating My First Award with Kheer-Thank You Medhaa

Semiya Payasam or Kheer is a favorite sweet to anyone and very easy to prepare,this goes well even if tis hot or served chilled.
Sugar as per ur taste
Elachi Powder

Take a Pan,fry semiya till it turns to golden brown.Mean while boil milk and now add semiya to the boiling milk by stirring continously.Now add Sugar also.
In another pan,heat ghee n now add raisins,cashews or dry fruits of ur choice and fry them till turns to golden brown color,at last add dryfuits and elachi powder.
Kheer is ready to serve.

Note:I generally add 1/2 cup more milk than reqired 'coz itz easy to drink even :D

I'm so surprised and feeling very excited as I got my first award from Medhaa.Medhaa has passed Yummy blog Award to me,she is the person who always encouraged me,Thanks alott dear.

Coming to the Yummy blog Award ,I usually like spicy items as well as some kinda sweets,n my list is as follows:

Chockiee cookies

Chole Bhature

Banana Halwa

Paani Puri

Kaddu ki Kheer

As per the rules,I have to pass this for 5 more persons,n from the day one of my blogging there r alot of persons who deserves the award n i think almost everyone received this,I wanna give this award to some persons who really have nice blogging,deserves this award.

I hope most of them received this award,i want to give this to the persons who didn't receive yet n have exceptionally mouth watering dishes.

My List is:



Also I got one more award from Medhaa-Cook with Love for You make my Day award,thanks for remembering me Medhaa,u made my day in return.

This award is for those who r encouraging u with their wonderful comments n as per the rules I have to pass this award for only 5 persons.





and Medhaa itzz again u,i cant end the list coz u r the first person to receive a comment


Uma said...

Congrats on your awards! Payasam chala bagundi. Spoons kooda chala bagunnayi.

Suma Rajesh said...

congrates on ur awards..

Cham said...

Congrats on ur award Dear, The payasam looks yummy,Thank u to pass it ,i am really flattered :)

Hetal said...

Congrats on ur award....I love seviyaan kheer and this looks delicious..

Jamie said...

Sashree, congratulations on your awards! You really deserve them! And thanks so much for thinking of me! By the way, the kheer looks great!

Pravs said...

congrats on the awards !! And thanks for awarding me the 'you make day' award. You too make my day for with all those encouraging comments. Thank you so much :)

Neha said...

congrats on ur award, n thanx for passing it to me...
thanx a lot...:)

sireesha said...

Congrats on your awards! Payasam chala bagundi.And thanks for awarding me the yummy blog award.Thanks a lot...))

sireesha said...

Sashree, check out my blog,have something for you!!

SASHREE said...

Thank you all for ur wonderful and inspirational comments.
Uma-Thank you,ivi na favorite spoons,naku kuda chala istam
Suma-Thank you suma
Cham-Thank u dear,im always looking forward for ur comments,even im flattered
Hetal-Thank u,i think Payasam is everyone's favorite
Jamie-Thank you Jamie,u made my day by ur wonderful comments
Neha-U r well deserved neha
Sireesha-Thank u siri,meeru yummy blog award ki really worthy n thanks for tagging me

Sagari said...

Thank you soooo much shashree for choosing me ,I am so happy and honoureddd

Mansi Desai said...

the cake looks great Sashree, and congrats on the award:) thanks for stopping by my blog!:)

Medhaa said...

Hi Sashree, this was really sweet of you, But Hope you dont mind since I already did I will not be doing it again. It so diificult to chose and then I will be giving to people who already have got the award. Thank you so much..:)

SASHREE said...

Sagari:you r very much deserved

Manasi Desai:thank you for ur wonderful comments

Medhaa:Thatzz ok medhaa...i wanna express how u made my day dear :)