Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tamarind Pulihora and Some awards by Sireesha......

Tamarind(Chintapandu)pulihora...generally called as Pulihora.A very well-known authentic southindian recipe.By default for every other function and festivals people esp in my house pulihora is very common...starting from Barasla~Naming cermony to wt not for sankranthi,ugadi,diwali and the list goes on... :D.

My grannie and my aunt is very good at making pulihora..for a better and unique taste they add Mustard seed telugu we'll call "Aava" to pulihora...gosh the taste is as unqiue as any other hand made pulihora's.
Though we have pulihora in our house very common,I love eating "Pulihora prasadam" from temples..standing in the queue and getting handful of pulihora and eating..that feels like heaven.
I love eating pulihora made by my aunt(grannie is no more :(.... ) and the pulihora at temples,esp tirumala venkateswara swami's pulihora prasadam..such a delicious one, still a mystery wt all the'll add for pulihora.Whenever we were been to tirupati,Nanna used to give the pujari's 5 or 10 n used to get even more pulihora..n v enjoyed eating that.... :D
Even we can make Pulihora with left over rice also...
Here is my way of doing....

Cooked rice
Tamarind Pulp - 1 cup
Turmeric powder - 1 Tbsp
Mustard seed Paste-1 1/2 Tbsp
salt per taste

For Seasoning:
Chana Dal
Urad Dal
Mustard seeds
Green chillies
Red chillies
Curry Leaves

First compelte the seasoning part..take a pan make oil to heat and add the seasoning stuff as per the order above.
Meanwhile for mustard paste grind the mustard seeds and keep that aside.
Now come the tamarind part..cook the tamarind pulp for 2-3 min sitll it thickens.
Now take a wide mouth plate 'coz u can mix well and in that add cooked rice add turmeric,salt,mustard seed paste,tamarind pulp and seasoning stuff.
Mix it well and add enough oil at the end if reqires....'coz the more oil u add,the more tast n tangy it'll be.
This will tastes more tangy as the hours pass on.
Enjoy with Curd.

My Awards by Sireesha:

My friend Sireesha passed me two flattered siri.Thanks alott dear.

"Nice Matters Award is for those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

I hope by this time many people got this award. I would like to further pass this awards to:





Here comes my favorite one.I love if somebody calls me a chatter box.I remember first time my mom called me when i was in 3rd or 4th standard and from that time the person whoever meets me they concluded thatzz an apt one for me :D hehehe.

I never felt bad and instead i felt very happy if someone taggs me.......

Thanx a million siri for remembering me dear.........

I pass "Good chat Blog Award" to the following fellow bloggers....they are well deserved i hope...:D






Congratulations to all the awardee....


Sailaja said...

Hi Sashree

Thanks a ton for passing the award to me.
We do the same kind of pulihora using Ava sometimes using Seasame seeds powder(Nuvvual Podi). You are right, always the temple one gives a unique taste because of the god .

Medhaa said...

Hi Sashree,
Thank you for the awards.

I love this and Love the tirumala one but I love their ladoos more so we used get those more. I miss my friends moms pulihora she used to make it with something else and not rice not sure what you call it, i think we call it Poha or Puffed Rice

Cham said...

Congrats on your award Shree and thank you to pass it to me... Proud to get from u Dear! Love Pulihora at anytime, breakfast, lunch or dinner, one of our classi confort food! Looks delectable!

Hetal said...

Congrats for the awards..

Suma Rajesh said...

congrates on wards and ur puliyodara rice is yummy ....

sireesha said...

Hi sashree,pulihora is my all time favorite.I can eat it anytime.It is one of the comfort and picinc food. My daughters name is SREEJA.

Jamie said...

Sashree, thank you so much for thinking of me!! And congratulations to you for your awards. :) The Pulihora looks great. Is it similar to Pulao?

Uma said...

Pulihora chala baagundi, sashree! Congrats on your awards and I didn't know you passed it to me too! Thanks dear, I am so happy that you thought about me too! Have a good day!

SASHREE said...

Sailaja:congrats on ur awards n i do agree with wt u said

Medhaa:everyone loves tirupati laddoos dear..

Cham:I do agree with wt u said..even i lov having pulihora at any time.congrats on ur award

Hetal:thanx alott

Suma:thank you suma

SASHREE said...

sireesha:thats a nice name..n yeah i do agree

jamie:ur well deserved n no its not similar to pulao..the only common thing between both is the rice,thats it.

uma:dhanyavadalu uma,meeku award vachhinanduku ma subhakankshalu...:D

Sailaja said...

Which place are you from in Andhra?
I am from Vizag. It is nice to see so many telugu people in food blogs

Medhaa said...

HI Sashree,

I saw the link of the template below on your blog and went there and thats where I picked mine from too. They have some nice templates.

Sashree a friend of mine was also having problems with her feeds in Taste of India and while I was helping her realized she was giving the wrong Feed URL maybe thats whats happening to you. I can fill that up for you too if you want but for that please email me your email address, my email is in my profile you can get it there. Lets try you never know it works. Also if you go to your Blog settings there is a tab for feeds where you have to do some settings and the address will be there. Just check all that too. If you are having some issues let me know I shall check it out

Asha said...

Thank you for the award sweetheart, enjoy your's too. Pulihora looks so good.YUM!:))

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

That was a nice tamarind recipe. Looks so good. Perfect pictures. YUM!

Trupti said...

Hey Sashree, congrats on ur awards. Enjoy these awards. Tamarind rice looks delicious

Ranjani said...

I've been looking for a recipe to make this. Can you use store bought tamarind paste? and if you can, then how much of it can I use?

sireesha said...

Hi sashree,
Here is the procedure to get url on the images:

Open up a new MSWord document.
From the Main Menu bar:
Insert>Picture>From File
navigate to your photo and Click on Insert.
Your photo will appear in your document.


From the Main Menu bar:

Drag the '+' cursor to a location on your photo (document).
Click and drag to size the box.
Note: The location and size are not important, you can control that later.

Type in your URL or other text.

Move it to any location by dragging the box into position.
Change the attributes by right clicking the box
Format TextBox
Set the Fill to 'No Fill' and the Line to 'No Line' to hide the box itself. You will be left with text on a transparent background.

To change the Font size and color, just highlight the text and select the text attributes from the MSWord toolbar.

After that take the screenshot of this and paste in mspaint. Then cut only the image part, and paste it again in mspaint. Now save this image as jpeg and upload to the blog.

Let me know if this is not clear to you.

Jamie said...

Sashree, there is something for you at my blog :)

Archy said...

Congrats on ur Award !!

Thanks for dropping by my blog :) !!

Liked ur blog presentation.. nice color !!

Neha said...

thanx sashree for the award,
finally i got into ur blog, the prob.was with my sys, so today asked my hubby to sort it out...:)