Monday, June 2, 2008

Minapa Rotti~Urad Dal Rotis

Here comes one more south indian tiffin,if some one get bored of eating Idils,here comes a nice tiffin which replaces usual idly.
Generally nanna is not interested in idlis so some times amma used to prepare this insted of making idlis.
The ingredients are same as idly but here we'll make this as dosa
1 cup urad dal/minapappu
1 1/2 cup Idly Ravva
salt per ur taste
I think every one knows how to prepare idly batter....if not here is my(or my mom's)way of preparing...It varies from one to other.
Soak Urad dal overnight and grind it as thick batter.
Now add idly ravva which is cleaned thoroughly to the batter.
Dont sqeeze all the water while adding ravva 'coz this may cause idlies to become harden...this is my mom version... :))
Add required salt.

For Minapa Rottis:
Take required batter into a bowl add required amount out of water
Dont make this as dosa's kinda batter or as idly one.
Batter should be in a medium thickness.
Heat a non stick pan,take batter into a big spoon/garita/cup and spread it over the pan evenly.
Do this in a high flame...once it turns to golden brown color turn it other side let it be for 1 more minute.
Delicious Minapa Rottis are ready to serve.
We can use any kind of chutnys for this tiffin.
But nanna's fav is Avakaya or Honey n even i lov this eating with a pickle or honey.
Note:One can even garnish this with chopped carrot,oninon,cliantro...



Cham said...

The ratio is pretty interesting, the roti was soft? i love the pickle u served :)

Uma said...

minapa rotti chala baagundi, Sashree! lovely recipe. Is it avakai in the picture?

Sailaja said...

We do minapa rotti slightly different way. Intresting to see the minaparotti with Idly ravva. Nice pictures.

sireesha said...

Sashree,minapa rotti chala baagunayi, Delicious recipie........Nakosam Vunaya........

SASHREE said...

Cham: Yeah cham..this is my mom's way n yes very soft rottis

Uma:thank u uma n yes that is avakai only

Sailaja: thank you sailu

Sireesha:yeah siri...u r always welcome dear

Sukanya Ramkumar said...

That was a nice roti. YUM!. Great recipe. so different, never tried it before...

Divya Vikram said...

Am feeling hungry seeing ur rotis now

Jackie said...

Mmmm...a couple of those ingredient's I've never had the pleasure to experience, but by your pictures, this looks so good!

Madhavi said...

Lovely rotis, very nice recipe thanxxx for sharing !!!

Andhra Flavors said...

miru e minapa rotti gurtuchesesariki luckey gaa na daggara idly pindi ready gaa vundi
lekapote minaparotti avakaya combination kosam repati varaku agaalisi vachedi.:)

Medhaa said...

Hi Sashree, I too make it this way, make idlis for my hubby and Dosa for myself. Love it

sireesha said...

Hi sashree,
There is a award awaiting for u at my blog.Enjoy:)

SASHREE said...

sukanya:this is a common tiffin in south india...esp in AP.

divya:u can grab that whole plate :D

Jacike:I even visited ur site...with pleasure

Madhavi:thank you madhu

Andhraflavors:i hope by this u had rottis...right:D

Medhaa:Yeah even my papa likes this way dear

Sireesha:Thank you siri...u make fell so special dear.