Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kaddu ki Kheer/Bottle Gourd Kheer

dis is sweet very spl in Hyderabad,as im a hyderabadi.....i tuned on to prepare dis very often.....

• 4 Cups grated kaddu
• 1 Tin condensed milk
• 2 Liter milk
• 2 Cups sugar
• 1/2 Cup soaked sooji
• 2 tsp Vanilla essence

•Boil the milk.
•Add grated kaddu and cook till it turns soft.
•Mix condensed milk and sugar well.
•Once the sugar is dissolved, add soaked sooji.
•Cook it for more 15 minutes.
•Add vanilla essence.
•Serve chilled


Medhaa said...

Never heard about this, i do have Kaddu at home maybe I should try this. It Looks so yummy.

Did u get in touch with taste of India, you have such great recipes it would be nice if it gets updated there.

Rumy said...

can we make it without vanilla essence